Miles Mediation & Arbitration Unveils Rebrand

Miles Mediation & Arbitration today unveiled a new brand that reflects the firm’s new brand identity and growth strategy.


“Our rebrand signals a commitment to our clients and our intention to disrupt the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) industry,” said John Miles, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Our brand is centered on innovation, service and results, and our comprehensive approach addresses more than what occurs within the four walls of an ADR session. We understand that the success of ADR often depends on parties’ experience–from the time they pass through the doors at Miles until they leave at the end of the day.  Successful resolution requires that all participants feel welcome, comfortable and respected. Our rebrand represents our firm’s values and our mission to transform the field of ADR.”

The rebrand is another sign of the advancement of Miles’ strategy.  Miles has grown from an early ADR provider to an award-winning firm that handles high-value, complex disputes in nearly every practice area. The firm is poised for significant growth, with plans to expand its suite of services and geographic footprint.

Marcie Dickson, Chief Marketing Officer at Miles, lead the rebrand, in collaboration with her strategy team, with the goal of repositioning the firm and creating a foundation for new services and expansion into other markets.

“Miles is beloved among clients and our rebrand allows us to share aspects of what makes Miles the top ADR provider in the country,” said Dickson. “Our brand message now matches the superior service our clients are accustomed to, and our story and mission will inspire people in conflict to explore ADR as the most viable pathway to closure.”

The rebrand effort was a nine-month process that started with a thorough discovery phase to a full-scale creative development process, which included client and employee feedback.


Miles is committed to helping parties realize the original principles and promise of ADR.  The various forms of ADR focus on three simple but powerful ideas:

  • Putting parties in control of their disputes;
  • Encouraging parties to participate in the resolution of their disputes; and
  • Achieving efficient resolutions that meet the parties’ needs.

ADR is about empowering parties to take and keep control of their disputes.  Whether anticipating disputes in arbitration clauses, securing early management of new disputes, or seeking resolution of costly mature disputes, we understand that parties who turn to ADR seek control – of the process, the place, the timing, and most especially, the costs associated with the management of their disputes.

Miles believes firmly that “the future of resolution” is one where parties in conflict will pursue ADR before litigation—or at least engage a neutral to aid the litigation process. Miles’ new mission is to “reimagining the sphere of alternative dispute resolution for clients who deserve better than the traditional legal process, and to guide and empower parties in conflict toward successful resolution.”

The firm’s innovative stance on ADR matches its first-class service; award-winning reputation; and its ability to meet the evolving needs of clients.


Miles’ new visual identity and positioning are represented through the firm’s new website: The clean, innovative website provides streamlined online scheduling, thought leadership on ADR, and direct access to all Miles services and offerings.


As part of the rebranding, Miles updated its corporate logo. Miles’ previous logo contained three triangular symbols that represented value, service and neutrality. The updated logo now incorporates the firm’s core values of innovation, diversity, connectedness, focus and results.

“Miles’ new logo represents inclusion, focus, collaboration and all of the positive attributes that make our brand remarkable and one of the best in the country,” said Dickson. “We worked closely with a talented creative agency , based in Atlanta, for our logo redesign and identity package. All of our creative components, including the new website, accurately capture the spirit of Miles and why we’re so passionate about changing lives through the power of ADR.”

“I believe the future of ADR is one where clients will recognize mediation, arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution as the preferred venue for case settlement,” said John Miles. “I’ve built this organization to reflect the original principles of ADR, and our panel of neutrals and comprehensive approach is primed to lead the change for the future of resolution.”