Nigel Wright Presents Is Professionalism Optional? at Nursing Litigation Seminar

Nigel Wright, Esq.

Mediator & Arbitrator Nigel Wright recently spoke at the Nursing Litigation Seminar on the topic of Professionalism in Mediation and Arbitration. While the sanctions for failing to adhere to ethical standards are set out clearly, there are no similar sanctions for failing to act with Professionalism. 


Despite this, the Georgia Commission on Professionalism has amended the CLE rules to require attorneys to complete one hour of Professionalism each year. Part of the rationale for this is to seek to establish, as a habit, adherence to the Lawyer`s Creed and the Aspirational Statement on Professionalism. The Commission is aware that how the legal profession is perceived by the public is central to its standing in the community and the requirement that the legal process provides access to justice for all. 


Nigel`s presentation addressed why there is a need for professionalism within the legal profession within all forums and provided examples of the sort of issues that can challenge all lawyers seeking to advance their client`s cases and interests to the fullest extent possible.



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