Parag Shah Publishes Municipal Benchbook

Miles neutral Parag Shah recently published the Municipal Benchbook, a judicial reference guide for Georgia’s Municipal Court judges, clerks, and staff. 


The Municipal Benchbook provides an in-depth understanding of the Court’s role in the Municipal Court system and responsibilities for serving the public and protecting their rights. As a reference guide, it addresses key topics, such as jurisdiction, procedure, sentencing, counsel, interpreters, contempt & recusal, and trial. The benchbook also provides the foundational statutes, case law, and commentary applicable to all Municipal Courts in Georgia. The appendix includes a plethora of resources and forms to assist the Court with both common and uncommon situations.



“This project was a year-long endeavor in association with the Council of Municipal Court Judges and the Institute of Continuing Judicial Education,” said Shah. “The Municipal Benchbook was the original work of Judge Glen Edward Ashman, who passed away in 2018. With the help of my contributors, Karina Deochand and Romy Jayswal, I had the great honor of carrying on his legacy by updating it to the current version.”


Shah is the author of three other Georgia legal books: The Code Criminal & Traffic, The Code Civil and The Code Evidence.


Both the electronic edition and print version of the benchbook are available at for free.