Purposeful Dispute Management- Part 1

Our recent rebrand has been an incredible growth phase for our organization.  The process enabled us to respond to our clients’ needs and develop a platform with clear messaging and procedures that will further enhance client experience.


Our transformation has also enabled us to examine more closely the field of alternative dispute resolution and make a firmer commitment to take ADR back to its principles and promise: party control of disputes, economy and expedition, creativity and collaboration, intuitional mediator leadership.


The role of an effective neutral is to create a safe space, where parties can think about and act upon their unique disputes on their own terms, and to skillfully assist parties in their thinking and acting, all while keeping the dispute centered as the driver of their attention and efforts.


This commitment, combined with our institutional core values and comprehensive approach, informs everything we do at Miles. We also see it as our responsibility, because our clients deserve the highest level of service and the best possible outcomes.


Miles Core Values

  • Innovation: We value innovation and the continuous exploration of new pathways toward resolution and excellence.
  • Diversity: We value the diversity of our clients and neutrals and strive to create an inclusive environment for the individuals and communities we serve.
  • Connectedness: We value collaboration and foster a culture designed to connect and empower clients to achieve shared resolution.
  • Focus: We value our focus. ADR is our specialty and we inspire all parties to embrace the power of early resolution.
  • Service: We value service. Hospitality is at the heart of everything we do. 



Marcie Dickson is the CMO of Miles Mediation & Arbitration, where she oversees all aspects of marketing, communications, PR, client experience, strategic partnerships, and brand development.