TEAM PARENT: Dependable, Dedicated & Disciplined

We asked Team Leader Greg Parent to tell us about his team and what makes them stand out.
Greg Parent:

“Team Parent is Energetic, Diverse, Engaging, Exhaustive, Effective, Knowledgeable, Experience, Intuitive, and Creative.

We have been through mediations sitting in every chair in the room, as adjusters, defense attorneys, plaintiffs attorneys, and even as a judge.

We’ve seen it all.

We are diverse with a broad spectrum of experience and indefatigable in our disciplined work ethic. We exhaust all efforts to get cases resolved during the mediation and remain focused following an impasse, remaining actively involved with all of the parties to try and bring about resolution.

We are compassionate and intuitive with our approach to the parties, giving nuanced and thoughtful counsel throughout the mediation process. “

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