Webinar Recap: Virtual Arbitration Practical Advice on Moving Forward in the Current Environment

Miles Mediation & Arbitration arbitrators Jennifer Grippa and Matt Thiry recently led the webinar: Virtual Arbitration Practical Advice on Moving Forward in the Current Environment.


With courts closed and many states under orders to shelter in place, Miles Mediation & Arbitration has created valuable resources to help keep cases moving forward. Virtual arbitration provides the ability to keep things moving in a social distancing environment. In this webinar, Grippa and Thiry shared valuable insights on the process of conducting and participating in remote arbitration proceedings. 


View the full webinar here: 


This webinar covers:  

  • How to remove your case from the clogged court system and send it to arbitration instead
  • Why virtual arbitration is viable substitute for in-person arbitration
  • Zoom safety security features for virtual arbitration
  • Security features used to protect the privacy and security of Zoom arbitrations
  • How to prepare for a virtual arbitration
  • Preparation of exhibits and witnesses
  • How to prepare witnesses for a virtual hearing 
  • How to assess the credibility of a witness 
  • What you need to know the day of the arbitration hearing
  • The use of visual aids and power point presentations in opening statements or closing arguments 
  • How to confer with clients or co-counsel after witness direct or cross-examination in a virtual arbitration
  • How to help counsel and their clients get comfortable with Zoom as a platform for virtual arbitrations. 


Miles Mediation & Arbitration is on the leading edge of virtual ADR. All of our neutrals have been trained to assist clients in keeping cases moving during this challenging period. 


For more information about conducting a virtual arbitration, contact 888-305-3553 or submit an inquiry