What Do We Mean by the Future of Resolution?

I’m often asked what is meant by the phrase:  “The Future of Resolution.”

For many years, parties in conflict had one choice for resolution. The traditional litigation system delivered an outcome, often at a high cost. Litigants invested an enormous amount of money, time and emotion for results that were often unsatisfactory to both sides. At Miles Mediation & Arbitration, we believe our clients deserve better, and our mission is to guide and empower parties to take control of their disputes in order to achieve successful outcomes. This is the future.

At Miles, we have pioneered the concept of ‘Comprehensive Mediation’ to deliver a better future for our clients.  Comprehensive Mediation is comprised of three parts: exceptional neutrals, hospitable environment, and innovative procedures.

I will examine each of these in the coming weeks, but I’ll begin with the role an exceptional neutral plays in Comprehensive Mediation.

Great neutrals are acknowledged as leaders in their field. Our neutrals are the most decorated in the southeast.  Miles has been voted the “Best ADR Firm” in Georgia for the last five years, and several of our neutrals have been individually recognized with regional and national awards. These awards demonstrate that our neutrals are committed to their craft and are the best at what they do.

Great neutrals are committed to continuing to develop and improve their skills. From think tanks to firm meetings, we collectively explore new, innovative ways to transform the practice of ADR and provide a valuable experience for our clients.


Lastly, the best quality our neutrals possess is their passion. They are the most sought after neutrals because they care deeply about their clients and work tirelessly to help them achieve “successful resolution.”



John Miles, Esq. is the CEO of Miles Mediation & Arbitration. In addition to his executive duties, he mediates high value and complex matters on request at a per diem rate. He is in charge of neutral training and development at Miles.