Civil Mediation Training in Savannah

August 11,12; 17-19, 2018


Miles neutral and trainer, Wendy Williamson, Esq., will lead a  five-day General Civil Mediation Training in Savannah, GA on August 11,12 and 17-19. The 28-hour program is a practical, comprehensive, hands-on immersion in mediation and the art of managing conflict. Participants from all professional backgrounds are welcome, including law, psychology, education, social work, human resources, faith-based organizations, and non-profit and corporate management.

Through five intense days of study, passionate discussions, problem-solving and role-playing, you will learn:

  • The mediation process
  • How to manage difficult people in difficult conversations
  • How to be and remain neutral
  • How to de-escalate, actively listen, effectively reframe and find realistic solutions
  • How to craft effective agreements bringing true closure to costly disputes
  • How to keep your cool and focus no matter the people or circumstances
  • How to manage cultural differences, imbalance of power, impasses and unrealistic expectations
  • About effective communication skills, different conflict styles and the history of conflict resolution

Upon completion of the 28-hour course, you will have the tools and skills to begin practicing mediation and conflict resolution in all aspects of your practice, profession, and life. Upon completion of the 28-hour course and the 12-hour practicum, you will also be eligible to register as a mediator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution.


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