Education Division 2024: Q&A with Tangela Richmond

In this month’s Thoughts from the Top, we speak with Tangela Richmond, Miles’ director of education, about her plans for the Education Division in 2024.


Q: As the director of education here at Miles, you work with our neutrals to develop continuing legal education (CLE) seminars and training and partner with bar associations, law schools, law firms, and other legal organizations to create CLE seminars. Do you have any new CLE seminars you’d like to mention? 

A: We are excited about the 2024 offerings. We are focusing on arbitration for several upcoming CLEs. While most attorneys are familiar with the mediation process, arbitration is still a mysterious process for many. Arbitration is being used to resolve disputes in construction, probate, contract, and domestic relations matters. It can be an effective and cost-efficient way to resolve disputes.


We have two upcoming CLEs that will help legal practitioners who have never handled an arbitration or who want to improve their presentation at their next arbitration:


  • James Young has prepared a CLE that discusses the rules and procedures needed to handle a civil district court arbitration in North Carolina.
  • Jennifer Grippa has prepared a CLE that will help construction law practitioners navigate their first construction law arbitration.


[Note: both new CLE courses will be available online by mid-February.]


Q: The Education Division was launched in 2023. What have some of the most popular courses been so far? 

A: The top three courses are:


  1. Bracketology: Using Conditional Offers to Settle Your Case at Mediation (Steve Dunn)
  2. Unit One – Pre-Mediation and Opening (Joe Murphey)
  3. “Trauma-Informed” Mediation (Chris Osborn)


Q: How do you decide what CLE seminars to offer? 

A: We work to prepare CLEs on trending legal topics and practice areas that will improve the dispute resolution process for all parties.


Q: You’ve started “bundling” some of the CLE seminars. Can you tell me about that? 

A: The “bundling” is a result of our clients wanting easy access to CLEs that possess ethics, professionalism, and trial practice credits at a reasonable cost. Everyone is busy and dealing with increased costs on all fronts. In December, we created a 6-CLE-hour bundle that satisfies the credits requirements for our attorneys in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Attorneys can view these programs and know that Miles will report their CLE credits to the appropriate state regulator in a timely manner.


Q: There are some CLE deadlines coming up. What are they?  

A: The first quarter of 2024 has several compliance deadlines. North Carolina and South Carolina attorneys must complete their 2023 CLE credits by February 29, 2024. For Georgia attorneys, the 2023 CLE requirement was due on December 31, 2023; however, there is a 90-day grace period in Georgia that allows attorneys to complete their 2023 CLE requirement by March 31, 2024.


Q: Anything else you want people to know about the Education Division and your plans for it in 2024? 

A: We will continue to focus on developing mediation and arbitration trainings that will help attorneys improve their legal practices. We are excited about our partnership with the American Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Section to host the Arbitration Training Institute on June 6-7, 2024, at our Atlanta office.




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