Getting to Know John Miles

At Miles Mediation, we believe in creating a culture around family. When you walk in our doors, we want you to feel welcomed like you’re family and make yourself at home. So come on in, and get to know us better…

Why did you want to go into law?

My grandfather, Vance McCay, (Namesake of the McCay conference room) was an attorney and he inspired me to go into law. He told me that it is one of the few professions where you can make a positive impact in peoples lives. He also said it would help me marry a beautiful woman – He was right on both counts.
What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid?

I wasn’t very ambitious as a child and didn’t think much about the future. My parents were so concerned about my future that when I was in High School my father secretly planned to buy a Western Sizzler franchise so I could manage it. That is a true story.
Where did you grow up?

We moved around a lot. We lived in Illinois, Indiana, and Georgia. But I spent my formative years in Minnesota. (Where my Sizzler was to be)
What does “family” mean to you?

Some people associate family with a town or home. ‘The old home place.’ Because we moved a lot I’ve never associated family with a place. Family has always been about relationship. I’m very close to my brother and sister. And I have the best and most supportive parents in the world. We are very close. Each year we all get together at St George Island for a two week beach vacation. My wife Jamie is very close to her sister and mother. For that reason Jamie and I spend a great deal of time with our children. We try to give them the same support and closeness we grew up with.

John Miles with wife Jamie and son Jake

John Miles with wife Jamie and son Jake

Why do you love your job?

My grandfather was right – I get to help people each day and I married the love of my life.
What is your favorite food?

Those who know me know that I am a picky eater. The more bland the better. I stick mostly to meat and starches. And I don’t like my food to touch. Wow, that sounds very weird.
What would you say your spirit animal is?

Otter. I read a book about a family of Otters when I was little and I have always loved them.
What is your favorite sport?

College Football. Go Gators.
How do you unwind?

I guess I shouldn’t say wine. But I do love getting back to Madison and spending time with my family. I guess at heart I’m a ‘country mouse’
John Miles and Daughter Hannah Kate

John Miles and Daughter Hannah Kate

What is your favorite thing about Atlanta?

Leaving it behind. Seriously, it is where I met Jamie and it is the city that has made my dreams come true.