How Winter Wheeler and Miles Neutrals Trained Clients On Virtual Mediation

During the COVID-19 quarantine, Miles Mediation & Arbitration neutral Winter Wheeler and many other Miles neutrals stepped up to help attorneys and litigants understand virtual ADR services. 


To fill the educational void surrounding the concept of virtual dispute resolution, mediator and arbitrator Winter Wheeler took the lead and hosted several webinars titled “Tips and Tricks for Virtual Mediation” to various Georgia law firms, affinity groups, and bar associations. Not only was the goal to provide education on virtual mediation, it was also to let practitioners know that despite the uncertainties presented by COVID-19, they still had control over their cases and ultimately their livelihoods.


With the shelter-in-place and the Judicial Emergency orders eliminating jury trials and in-person mediations, there was an immediate need to show attorneys that they should and could continue to move their cases to closure and settlement. Virtual mediation stepped in to lead the charge, but many expressed feeling daunted by the technology itself. And the concept of mediating virtually was so foreign that the trepidation to try it initially served as a barrier for some attorneys. 


Virtual mediation was and continues to be the a viable solution to the unfortunate and immediate impact the shutdown has had on lawyers’ ability to do their work. Lawyers repeatedly asked the same questions, and Wheeler’s “Tips and Tricks for Virtual Mediation” training sought to answer the good and bad, in an honest and meaningful way.


While the topics covered in each webinar and training were similar, each webinar was specifically created and tailored for the needs of its particular audience, giving each group exactly what they needed to succeed in their particular practice. Along the way, many of the other Miles neutrals joined in and offered their unique perspectives on virtual dispute resolution. 


Miles Mediation & Arbitration’s offices have reopened for in-person ADR services. A small portion of clients are still utilizing virtual ADR services.


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“I have mediated several cases with Miles and they are awesome. Most recently I had a mediation with Mediator Winter Wheeler virtually. I must say with the rapid changes with the recent pandemic I was concerned as to how this mediation would take place however, Winter did an amazing job. The day before the mediation Winter provided all parties with a training on zoom and made what could be a frustrating process very easy. She did a great job mediating between the parties and working hard to get the case settled. With the growing changes business does not have to stop and at a time where it’s needed most Miles is helping to get clients cases resolved. I would definitely recommend Miles and Winter Wheeler for your cases.”    


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