Jennifer Grippa Featured in Daily Report's 2018 ADR Special Edition

Mediator Arbitrator Jennifer Grippa

ATLANTA, September 17, 2018– Jennifer Grippa’s article, “Five Psychological Strategies Every Attorney Should Know About Negotiating,” published today in the Daily Report’s 2018 ADR Special Edition. The article provides useful psychological strategies attorneys can use during negotiations– from showing empathy to influencing one’s adversary.


“Recognizing that the people behind the conflict are humans and that humans are emotional beings, tapping into the emotional intelligence of your opponent can make the difference in whether a negotiation ends in success. As any litigator knows, conflicts and lawsuits can bring emotional and sometimes irrational thoughts. Invoking psychological skills to better understand who your opposing party is, what they want and how to influence them to do what you need them to do can be important to resolving your client’s conflict. Next time you find yourself in a heated negotiation, try these five tactics to influence a behavioral change to get voluntary compliance by all sides.” 

 -Excerpt from “Five Psychological Strategies Every Attorney Should Know About Negotiating.”   


As a mediator and arbitrator at Miles, Jennifer Grippa handles complex disputes, including automobile, aviation, banking, bankruptcy, business/commercial, civil rights, construction, contracts, cybersecurity, employment, engineering and construction, environmental, estate/probate/trusts, false arrest and imprisonment, federal law, government, insurance, intellectual property, international, medical and nursing malpractice, personal injury/torts, premises liability, product liability, professional liability, real estate, securities, surety, third party criminal acts, trucking, trusts and estates, and wrongful death matters.


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