Joe Murphey Reflects on The Future of Resolution Seminar

We are SO excited about the buzz surrounding  “The Future of Resolution” seminar.  Seats are filling up fast, so be sure to get your spot reserved TODAY!  


So, what’s in a name?  Why do we call this seminar “The Future of Resolution”, you ask?  Good question!  When I was in law school (back when the crust of the earth was still cooling, and dinosaurs roamed freely — 30 years ago) ADR wasn’t part of the law school curriculum.  And when I began my litigation practice in the late ’80s, ADR wasn’t really a thing. 


Cases settled organically, or they went to trial.  And there were a LOT of trials for that reason.  But as time went by, ADR, and mediation in particular, went from being not-present to pervasive.  As ADR has rapidly grown in popularity, it has evolved and continues to evolve.  With “The Future of Resolution” we’ve asked industry leaders — people who are expected to advise their companies and clients about what’s next — to peer into the future of ADR and share their insights with those who attend the seminar.  That’s why we promise this seminar is like no other ADR seminar you’ve ever been to, and we look forward to seeing you there.