Mediation Experts: Thomas Bechtel & Debbie Tarkington

Debbie Tarkington and Thomas “Todd” Bechtel were recently elevated to Senior Neutrals at Miles Mediation & Arbitration. Senior Neutrals at Miles are mediators, arbitrators, and special masters who have developed a full-time ADR practice. Debbie and Todd recently shared their thoughts on this significant achievement. 


Debbie Tarkington, Esq. 

“I LOVE MY JOB! Being a Senior Neutral at Miles Mediation & Arbitration has been my goal for many, many years.  I consider myself so lucky that 3 years ago, my family supported me to make the “jump” from litigation to begin to build my mediation practice, something that I thought would come much later in my career path.  Many people talk about my “retirement” from litigation,  I have not “retired”, but changed my role within litigation practice and it is the best move I have ever made.  To have the support  of Miles with all that it has to offer and the trust of my peers to mediate their cases is a dream come true.  I truly look forward to coming to work here every day and meeting the challenge to help parties solve problems and resolve their issues.   I am 110% invested in the mediation process and  I am a firm believer that most cases that are in litigation should and need to be mediated and I hope that shows in my efforts to get cases resolved. I have been a client of Miles since its inception.  Many clients ask about the photo in the hallway of John’s car. They are always so surprised when we tell them that was the first “office” for Miles.  I have watched John continue to grow this company over the years and have always wanted to be a part of the “team”.  Miles provided me a great service as a trial attorney in helping me resolve many of my cases. I have utilized all of the senior mediators and a good majority of the others to get closure on my cases. I have the utmost respect for the people I work with at Miles, and I am so proud to be part of their team.    Miles  has given me the training, support, marketing and platform to make my mediation practice a success and I could not be more grateful.”  -Debbie Tarkington





Thomas “Todd” Bechtel

“I am  honored to be named a Senior Neutral at Miles Mediation & Arbitration.  When I initially joined Miles that was certainly my goal.  To be part of such an elite group of neutrals such as Joe Murphey, David Nutter, Greg Parent, Susan Forsling and Wayne Wilson who are nationally recognized and all-stars in the mediation arena is truly humbling.  I have learned so much from each of them as mentors in my time at Miles.  The standard those Senior Neutrals have set before me is one I hope to achieve and maintain. Of course none of this would be possible without the creative leadership of founder John Miles.  The Senior Neutrals along with all staff members honestly embrace the mission of Miles, which is 1) Innovation; 2) Diversity; 3) Connectedness; 4) Focus; and 5) Service. These core values are what separate Miles neutrals from all others.   Without question it is the Miles way of doing business from stem to stern and top to bottom, that has led to my success as a Neutral.   I view my affiliation with this group of individuals as a career achievement and point of pride.” – Todd Bechtel




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