Mediator/Arbitrator Bianca Motley Broom Featured Speaker at 38th Annual Insurance Law Institute

Mediator/Arbitrator Bianca Motley Broom recently presented on mediation at the 38th Annual Insurance Law Institute, a seminar produced by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education of the State Bar of Georgia. Ms. Motley Broom’s featured presentation explored “Mediation Strategies to Overcome Bias, Prejudgments and Assumptions.” The seminar was held at The King and Prince Beach on St. Simons Island.


Bianca Motley Broom is a full-time mediator and arbitrator, specializing in complex personal injury, premises liability, automobile, insurance coverage, and domestic disputes. 


The following is an excerpt from Ms. Motley Broom’s presentation paper: 


In the context of litigation, our past experiences often make us better attorneys. This is at the very heart of practice. If we are not careful, though, we can be lulled into thinking we know the person on the other side of the conflict before we have done any work to see an individual…. In mediation, the parties who acknowledge, understand and actively work to address their biases consistently have the best results. An open mind is often the best tool any attorney has to facilitate a resolution. With preconceived ideas about a particular entity or person, the mediation process is hampered and often takes a great deal longer. 


Ms. Motley Broom speaks regularly on the role of implicit bias law. Find out more about Bianca Motley Broom’s recent publications and speaking engagements. 

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