Miles’ Executives Present at the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution’s 2024 Spring Conference

ABA SpringMiles’ CEO, Parag Shah, and Miles’ VP of business development, Todd Drucker, are presenting at the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution’s 2024 Spring Conference on April 10-13 in San Diego, California. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professionals can choose from over 50 educational programs to meet their professional development needs at this event. Attendees will be able to network and socialize at unique local events and celebrate this year’s ADR awardees.


Todd is speaking during the session, “Don’t Be the Best; Be The ONLY! Niche Mastery for Attorneys; How to Grow Your Practice by Narrowing Your Focus,” on Wednesday, April 10 at 11:30 am. This interactive workshop is designed exclusively for attorneys ready to carve out their unique market niche. He will be accompanied by brand strategist Murphy Funkhouser, Brand Stage Consulting.


Parag is speaking during the session, “Leaders of ADR Providers: Wisdom from the Frontlines of Dispute Resolution,” on Wednesday, April 10 at 3:45 pm. Distinguished leaders from prominent ADR providers converge to share an in-depth overview of their respective organizations, their practice focuses, and their insightful approaches to evaluating and appointing neutrals, as well as strategies for obtaining panel placements. The group will delve into the operational complexities of their organizations and explore how aspiring and seasoned professionals are adapting to the transformative effects of rapidly advancing technology in ADR services. Parag will be joined by presenters Joanna Barron, executive VP, ADR Services, Inc.; Bridget McCormack, president and CEO, American Arbitration Association; Ana Sambold, Mediator & Arbitrator, Sambold Law & ADR Services; and Kimberly Taylor, president, JAMS.


Todd will also present during the session, “What Clients Look for When Hiring an ADR Professional,” on Thursday, April 11 at 12:45 pm. This session will explore the various issues involved in selecting mediators and arbitrators. Topics will include the significance of a meticulously crafted biography/resume, as well as the influence of both conventional and emerging business development and marketing strategies in the field of mediation/arbitration. The panel will also explore the valued traits of ADR professionals, common pitfalls encountered during the mediation/arbitration proceedings, and guidance for aspiring practitioners in the ADR realm. Todd will be accompanied by panelists Karen Beutler, VP operations (Los Angeles, Century City, Inland Empire), JAMS; Damaris L. Medina, shareholder, Buchalter; and APC Adam Sloustcher, partner, Fisher & Phillips LLP.


Meredith Stockman, VP of operations will accompany Parag and Todd to the conference to represent Miles Mediation & Arbitration. Miles is a proud sponsor of this event.


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