Miles Mediation & Arbitration Prepped for COVID-19

UPDATE, 3.23.20– Miles Mediation & Arbitration offices remain open for scheduled ADR engagements through March 27, 2020. To read an important message from the CEO, click here. 


UPDATE, 3.12.20– Miles Mediation & Arbitration offices remain open for scheduled ADR engagements. There are also options to conduct mediations, arbitrations, and neutral evaluations via videoconferencing or via telephone. For alternative matter arrangements, contact your neutral or designated case manager for immediate assistance. Additionally, you may email to address any questions or concerns. 


Knowing the concerns over the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), Miles Mediation & Arbitration is taking necessary steps to help ensure that our clients, neutrals, staff and visitors avoid exposure to the virus.


Effective immediately, we are recommending that anyone coming to our facility engage in “touchless greetings.” We realize this can seem impersonal, but the World Health Organization, the CDC, and other health organizations recommend that people practice “social distancing” because the virus can spread between people in close contact.


Our staff is regularly sanitizing surfaces and following other CDC best practices, such as frequent hand washing, to help prevent the spread of the virus in our offices. 


We realize that some people may want to avoid contact with others all together during this time, so Miles provides the option to conduct mediations by videoconference or by telephone. To discuss an alternative ADR arrangement, please contact your neutral and designated case manager. You may also contact regional case manager Jena Parke at


Click here for virtual ADR solutions.


Please know that the leadership and staff at Miles Mediation & Arbitration are actively monitoring COVID-19, and we will continue to seek direction from the World Health Organization and the CDC concerning decisions about how to manage this highly complex and evolving situation. The health, safety, and well-being of our clients, neutrals, staff and visitors are of utmost concern.


We encourage you to learn more about COVID-19/Coronavirus on the CDC’s website or the World Health Organization’s website.