Miles Mediation & Arbitration's Virtual ADR Security & Privacy Protocol


At Miles Mediation & Arbitration, your privacy is our top priority. We have selected Zoom as our platform for Virtual ADR and have been working to ensure all participants can be confident sharing candidly on this platform. We are committed to providing the most robust security measures available in an online environment, and we’ve raised the bar on privacy in Virtual ADR by implementing a security and privacy-preserving protocol to ensure all engagements are strictly confidential. Our protocol includes:


  • Ensuring all our virtual meetings utilize a password-protected secure channel;
  • Disabling all audio/video recording capabilities of all participants;
  • Disabling the ability to save chat communications;
  • Requiring Neutrals to conduct the engagement in a private area;
  • Mandating all Neutrals have Firewall protection and the most up to date Antivirus software stored on their computers;
  • Conducting joint sessions in virtual breakout rooms; 
  • Separating participants into locked breakout rooms that prevent any unauthorized individual from accessing;
  • Requiring Neutrals to communicate with participants before they enter a locked breakout room either through a broadcast message to all or other electronic means; and 
  • Ensuring the data stored on our servers is accessed under strict security protocols.
Why Miles Mediation & Arbitration Prefers Zoom Over Other Video Conferencing Platforms: 

We have reviewed other video conferencing platforms, including WebEx  and Go to Meeting, and have found that Miles Mediation & Arbitration would not be able to guarantee that ADR engagements  would be secure, effective or confidential.


  • Attendees have been known to enter without a password
  • There is no “waiting room” function that allows the neutral to filter out uninvited participants
  • There is no option to turn off the recording function
  • There is no way to put people in private virtual rooms

As such, if a party is unable to attend an ADR engagement by Zoom, we provide audio conferencing options.


For more information or questions about our security and privacy protocols, please contact us at


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