Promoting Miles and ADR On Demand: Q&A with Diana Garcia

In this month’s Thoughts from the Top, we talk with Diana Garcia, director of sales and client relations, to discuss what her new role means for Miles Mediation & Arbitration.


Q: Diana, you recently joined Miles as the director of sales and client relations. This is a brand-new role within the Miles organization. What does this role encompass and what are you hoping to bring to Miles?

A: Client Relations is the compass that guides me towards achieving success in sales. My role relies heavily on collaboration — externally, with our clients and internally, with our team.


Externally, I am in the community gathering feedback, ensuring client satisfaction, providing solutions, and representing Miles. Internally, I’m back at the office communicating my findings, encouraging strategies that are effective, modifying ones that aren’t, and working with the team to fine-tune how we best serve our clients. These collective activities between the clients and the team are what my work encompasses and if done correctly, result in sales growth.


We are expanding rapidly as a company and developing new services to enhance the traditional alternative dispute resolution (ADR) model. So, thanks to that I have enough goals to keep me busy far beyond 2024! We offer ADR On-Demand, the new Client Dashboard, continuing legal education, workplace resolution and the list goes on.


On a macro level, my goal is to grow utilization for these new services across all Miles’ locations and ensure that they continue to add value for our clients. But most importantly, what I think is really going to benefit our community is ADR On-Demand, and that’s what I really want to prioritize this year.


Q: You mentioned ADR On-Demand. One of your priorities is to distinguish between virtual mediations with Miles and virtual mediations with ADR On-Demand with clients. How are they different? Tell us a bit more about that distinction. 

A: ADR On-Demand used to be a separate company and now it has become part of Miles. The ADR On-Demand mediators are subject to the same criteria and standards that Miles’ mediators are held to. We want the community to see ADR On-Demand as one and the same as Miles, just with a few added convenience factors. For example, not all cases require a “Miles’ mediation” (in-person or virtual), and our clients ought to consider that ADR On-Demand exists as a massively cost-effective alternative for simpler cases.


Here are the distinctions: Miles’ mediations are more geared towards complex cases involving multiple parties and may require an entire day. You are also tasked with choosing a mediator, which is easy if you’re already familiar with our entire panel and know which neutral is best for your case. ADR On-Demand is a simpler solution that prioritizes your need for flexible scheduling and a lower cost; it also offers you peace of mind by allowing Miles to choose your mediator, according to who we know will be the best fit.


Q: With ADR On-Demand, the mediator is assigned to the client. What do you tell clients who are concerned with not being able to choose their mediators?

A: All our ADR On-Demand mediators are Miles’ mediators who have mediated complex cases in several practice areas such as medical malpractice, construction, employment, business/commercial, etc. Miles has a high standard for our mediators including 10+ years of litigation and trial experience; 20+ hours of specialized mediation training; and 100+ hours of mediation experience. Miles is dedicated to investing in the continued education and training of our panel. So, although you don’t get to choose your mediator, you never have to worry that you’re sacrificing quality.


Q: Earlier you mentioned one of the attractive features of ADR On-Demand is the cost. What is the cost per party for ADR On-Demand?

A: It’s a flat $750 fee per party in Georgia — no admin fees, no surprises. You’re never going to pay more than $750 for your ADR On-Demand mediation. It’s that simple.


Q: What does the future of Miles and ADR On-Demand look like?

 A: Miles is already expanding nationally, and we have a strong foothold in the Southeast. The plan is for ADR On-Demand to be a big part of that expansion as well. We want to make it available in all markets. And we’ve already found ways to make bookings easier with the addition of the Miles Client Dashboard –more to come on that soon. Stay tuned.




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