Spotlight: Diana Garcia

Diana GarciaKey Work Trait: Listening — and Responding to — Feedback

Diana Garcia, Miles’ director of sales and client relations, had known Parag Shah, Miles’ CEO for years before she joined Miles Mediation & Arbitration.


“Parag had expressed his desire to create a sales team within Miles for a long time,” says Diana. “When it was the right time, we had a more serious conversation about it.”


Diana’s role includes gathering feedback, ensuring client satisfaction, providing solutions, and representing Miles in the legal community as well as working with the Miles team to finetune how Miles works with and serves its clients. To do this, Diana is always listening, and encouraging client feedback.


“It’s important for clients to voice their opinions and for me to eagerly address them by creating a better product,” she explains. “On a personal level and professional level, I’m very able to accept and receive feedback. This makes me better, and it makes the services we provide better … sales are not just about numbers and metrics. It’s about how you make customers feel. Sales grow when you provide that safe space for clients.”


Diana is enjoying working at Miles. “I love that clients always welcome me with excitement because of the culture and reputation Miles has already established for itself,” she says. “Not to diminish my efforts, but that’s the advantage of belonging to the Miles family — and that’s a testament to everyone in the company. It’s much easier working for a company that is held in high regard.”


Away from Miles, Diana loves being creative and doing anything with design; enjoys live events like concerts and sporting events; and spends time with her friends. Her true passion, however, is animal rescue and advocacy. In addition to her dog, Clayton, she fosters other dogs and volunteers with Lifeline Animal Project, an Atlanta-based animal rescue. “I can’t enjoy my life knowing there are so many animals out there I want to help,” she says. “I lead with my heart.”


Want to talk to Diana about Miles, animal rescue, or anything else? Reach out to her at




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