Spotlight on Mediator Nigel Wright, Part 2

“I have been mediating cases my entire career,” Nigel Wright shares. “Becoming a mediator is something I have always been interested in because I really love it!” After his epiphany, Nigel reached out to his favorite Georgia mediator, who introduced him to John and Jake Miles. They immediately saw the value in adding Nigel and his wide-reaching non-personal injury experience to the Miles panel of neutrals. Equally, Nigel was excited at the opportunity to join with mediators that he had used and respects as well as the vision that John and Jake have for Miles.


When speaking with Nigel, it is immediately evident that Nigel is very passionate about mediation. This passion has translated into a high success rate in resolution which he credits to his career exposure to different types of negotiation in the US and internationally. He believes his unique experience affords him a different perspective in terms of trying to get things resolved.


“One of the reasons why I got good at mediations is because I’m a great believer in learning. I don’t believe I am the best lawyer on the planet but I feel very strongly that I can always  learn from other people, whereas lots of people are very close-minded about the abilities of others.” Case in point – when Nigel was mediating in Guatemala, he mediated primarily with K&R mediators. “They were absolutely brilliant!” Nigel shares. “They would not let you leave, because it is not just about the money, it is about closure for the family, especially when it involves fatal accident cases.” Nigel added “I also think that having acted for plaintiffs both in personal injury cases and corporate disputes during my career gives a perspective of the needs of both parties that has been invaluable.”


Nigel is both a principled and patient mediator, something he learned in the Arab world where they do not mind if negotiations span generations. “If it takes them ten years, they just do not mind- that makes it tough to negotiate.” Even though Nigel is someone who likes to get things done, he learned that everything and everyone has their own pace. “There needs to be a balance between progressing things while allowing people to get where they need to get to in their own time.” Nigel jokes “although when mediating in New York that typically isn’t actually that much time!”


Nigel brings his background as a former partner at two AM 100 firms and his breadth of experience in resolving high-value commercial disputes, all aspects of insurance claims including fatal accident and serious personal injury claims to Miles Mediation & Arbitration, where he aims to offer litigants the financial and emotional resolution only ADR can genuinely offer. 



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As a mediator and arbitrator at Miles, Nigel Wright handles extensive personal injury claims in disputes in over 50 countries and complex claims (including class actions) for A&H, Aviation, Casualty, Commercial Property, Construction defect, Crisis Management, Cybersecurity, D&O, E&O, Energy and Marine, Environmental, Financial Lines, Insurance coverage, IP, Pharma, Product defect, Professional Liability, Political Risk, and Surety.