Spotlight: Rosalie Azzato

Rosalie AzzatoKey Work Trait: Productivity

Rosalie Azzato, marketing specialist at Miles, has hit the proverbial ground running at Miles. She’s an invaluable part of the marketing team and has quickly found her niche here.


Before Rosalie joined Miles, she was working at a digital advertising agency, selling digital advertising. “I was a first touchpoint and would pass along the fun campaign work to respective teams,” she says. “I found myself missing being part of an in-house marketing team where I could help come up with new marketing ideas and help actually create that content.”


She gets to do plenty of that at Miles. While her job “entails a little bit of everything marketing-wise,” one of her major focuses is on social media. “I am responsible for posting to Miles’ social media networks, including ADR OnDemand. Thanks to Kimber, I am a graphic designer in the making!” she says. “I have learned how to use Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop to create business cards, social media graphics, Zoom TV graphics, and neutral bios. I am now starting to work on building out articles in In-Design to print for conferences.”


She also promotes all Miles’ events. That includes creating write-ups, graphics, and social media posts as well as assisting with coordinating and executing the events Miles hosts, including working with catering, hired onsite services, and set-up and breakdown.


Rosalie loves the opportunity to use a lot of different skills at her job, as well as the culture here. “Parag has done a great job building a family-like culture, and even though the majority of employees are spread out over different cities, it still feels very close-knit when we speak over Zoom/Slack or meet in person,” she says. “My team is also the best — it’s so nice to work with like-minded women who are easy to communicate with and we all have the same goals at the end of the day. I have also never had a job that has been so good about maintaining such a great work-life balance.”


Away from the office, Rosalie has plenty of interests to keep her busy. “In my free time, I enjoy taking our two crazy dogs for long walks, laying by the pool, playing golf, drinks on a nice patio — really anything outdoors,” she says. “And of course, spending time with friends and family.”


Oh, and Rosalie will also get a chance to put her event-planning skills to work in her personal life — she and her fiancé are planning their wedding for later this year. Congrats to both of them!




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