Staying Emotionally Connected While Socially Distancing

Miles Mediation & Arbitration has always been proud to support mental health in the legal profession, and that commitment has only strengthened during the pandemic. In addition to participating in this years’ Lawyer Well-Being Week, Miles recorded resourceful podcasts in support of mental well-being. 



In Episode 9 of Season 3, Judge Ken Hodges spoke at length to Miles Mediation & Arbitration neutral Winter Wheeler about the Georgia State Bar’s Wellness program and a number of other initiatives geared toward attorney wellness. 


Stacey Dougan, Denise Gaskin, and Kristy Weathers joined Marcie Dickson, Miles Mediation & Arbitration CMO for Episode 7 of Season 3: “Lawyer Well-Being During COVID-19.” The guests provide an overview of what lawyers and legal professionals are experiencing during the pandemic, and resources to help those in need of assistance. 


These latest podcasts join the Exploring Attorney Well-Being and Mental Health podcast featuring Robin Frazer Clark, Jonathan Ringel, and Stacey Dougan in discussion with Miles neutral Bianca Motley Broom and CMO, Marcie Dickson. These podcasts are just the first three podcasts in an ongoing series  broadly covering:


  • Unique challenges legal professionals face;
  • Recommendations for addressing those challenges; and
  • Attorney Assistance Programs are available to members of the Bar.

Episode 3.9: Judge Ken Hodges on Mental Health in the Legal Profession

Episode 3.7: Lawyer Well-Being During COVID-19

Episode 2.5: Exploring Attorney Well-Being & Mental Health


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