The Evolution of Resolution: Matthew Thiry, Esq.

Today’s legal practice is not the same as it was decades ago.  ADR has grown significantly in recent years.  Many younger lawyers do not know of a legal system that did not have ADR as an essential component. 


As is true of the practice of law, success is not a product of time in service.  Instead, success is determined by hard work, determination, and grit.  In addition, success in mediation is also a product of being able to listen and construct solutions around the actual needs of the parties.  Decades of being a trial lawyer gives the ability to know the range of solutions a court can craft; however, it does not take decades to understand that range of solutions.  Decades  of being a trial lawyer does not guarantee that you have the ability to craft meaningful solutions through mediation.  The skill set is different.  Experience is important, but it is not preeminent. 



Matt Thiry has substantial practical business and fiduciary litigation experience and mediates and arbitrates a wide variety of disputes, including those related to business, contracts, business torts, real estate, probate, and fiduciary duties. He looks at ADR as an instrument to help businesses resolve their disputes efficiently so that they can return their focus to their businesses. Matt combines his experience and understanding to assist litigants resolve their disputes through mediation, to decide disputes through arbitration, or to assist the parties and the Court by serving as a special master.