The Top 15 JD Supra Articles from 2023: A Closer Look at Some of our Thought Leadership

By Kelly K. James


The end of one year and the beginning of another is an excellent time to take stock, and to plan for a successful year. With that in mind, I’d like to highlight our “top 15” articles on JD Supra this past year, celebrate our authors, and encourage all our neutrals to create compelling thought leadership content. (I’m here to help you do that, so reach out to me any time with ideas for articles!)


Here is the list of Miles’ 15 most-read pieces on JD Supra in 2023:


#1: Audrey Berland’s March 2023 piece, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mediation: Technology-Based Versus Human-Facilitated Dispute Resolution, was far and away our best-read article on JD Supra with 6,099 views in 2023. (The article was also named in the “top 10 AI articles on JDSupra” this year. Congrats, Audrey!) Her piece examined how AI is beginning to play a role at mediation, and the impact that may have. It’s a timely topic I’d like to see us cover again in 2024.


#2: Shuli Green’s April 2023 piece, Mediating the Medical Malpractice Case: Special Considerations and Strategies for Success, explored why medical mal cases are well-suited for mediation, and how attorneys can prepare for successful mediations, and had 3,391 views. Shuli’s bookings have increased from one to two/month to an average of five/month since then. (We’re launching a Medical Malpractice Practice Area Group in 2024 and we will be creating more related content in the coming year.)


#3 Steve Dunn’s June 2022 piece, Going to Work for a Competitor? Tips to Avoid a Legal Dispute, provides smart, timeless advice for employees planning to “jump ship” and move to another company and garnered 3,176 views in 2023. (Note that this article still gets a lot of traction 18 months after it was originally published.) Steve is a senior neutral who averages 12 to 15 mediations every month — and still makes time to write articles.


#4: John McCorvey Jr.’s July 2023 piece, Commercial Lending: Practical Considerations and Loan Enforcement, Foreclosure, and Asset Recovery, took a deep dive into how commercial lenders can enforce loans, including mediating them. This comprehensive look at the topic garnered a lot of traffic on JD Supra with 2,661 views.

#5 Debbie Tarkington’s May 2022 piece, The Impact of Pandemic – Related HOS Exemptions on Trucking Cases, was a timely look at how COVID-19 legislation affected hours of service (HOS) regulations and got 2,473 views in 2023. Since it came out, Debbie has increased her rate while maintaining steady bookings.


#6: Leigh Wilco’s February 2021 piece, A Potential Trap for the Unwary Plaintiff’s Lawyer, had an eye-grabbing headline and discussed the Georgia two-dismissal rule. Almost two years after it was published, it still gets a lot of traffic with 1,933 views in 2023.


#7: Jack Waddey’s May 2023 piece, You Don’t Know Jack: Five Surprising Facts about Intellectual Property Law, was a “round-up” that shared aspects of intellectual property law most people are unaware of. It got 1,842 views last year and is a great example of how to turn your legal knowledge into reader-friendly content.


#8 Pragya Sharma’s July 2023 piece, Welcoming Reform: An Overview of Tennessee’s Revised Uniform Arbitration Act, was tied to the July enactment of the Revised Uniform Arbitration Act by the state of Tennessee. It got a lot of attention for its timely nature and specific subject matter, with 1,620 views in 2023.


#9: James Young’s June 2023 piece, Planning Your Estate? What to Ask Before You Name an Executor, was an evergreen piece that highlighted both James’ expertise in estate planning (he continues to run a law practice) and his experience handling estate-related matters as a neutral. It garnered 1,495 views in 2023.


#10: Chris Osborn’s July 2023 piece, “Trauma-Informed” Mediation: 6 Key Strategies for Attorneys and Mediators, was a timely article that explained what explained what being trauma-informed means, and how mediators and attorneys can use these principles at mediation. It attracted 1,488 views last year.


#11: Dax Lopez’s September 2023 piece, A Chance for Substantial Verdicts: Recent Georgia Medical Malpractice Cases, was a timely, well-researched piece with a compelling title that got 1,476 views last year. Dax still works as a trial attorney and is also increasing his mediation work.


#12: David Gallo’s May 2023 piece, Designing Efficient Discovery Processes in Arbitration, offered practical ways to keep arbitration discovery costs down, and attracted 1,440 views. David also presented at the Atlanta International Arbitration Society’s annual conference in October.


#13: Bunnie (Elizabeth) Todd’s June 2023 piece, Two Bites at the Settlement Apple: Hybrid Mediation/Arbitration a Growing Option, was a timely topic that got 1,339 views on JD Supra, and led to a speaking gig on the same subject for her. Since it ran, Bunnie has increased both her mediation and arbitration bookings.


#14: Steve Dunn, Donna V. Smith, and Tanya Tate’s October 2023 piece, When Artificial Intelligence Discriminates: A Look at the First AI Employment Lawsuit and What it Means, was a timely “round-up” that let all three authors weigh in on this groundbreaking case, and got 1,295 views in just 3 months. “Round-up” articles are a great way to feature multiple neutrals in the same article, and I’m planning more of them in 2024.


#15: Tanya Tate’s April 2023 article, The Emerging Overlap Between COVID-19 and Employment Law Litigation, was a timely, well-written discussion of how courts were starting to handle COVID discrimination claims that garnered 1,256 views in 2023. Tanya is one of our busiest neutrals, and still makes time to write articles — she recently had a piece on why she mediates and arbitrates (instead of doing only one or the other) in the Daily Report.


Congrats to all our neutral authors, especially Steve Dunn and Tanya Tate for making the top 15 not once, but twice! I encourage you to read these articles, if you haven’t done so already, and welcome your ideas for thought leadership content in 2024.




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