A Veteran Neutral on Virtual ADR

For many of us, it is finally sinking in that this is not a snow day. Trying to wish the Covid-19/Coronavirus away is nothing but a pipe dream. As worldwide efforts work tirelessly to prevent its spread, future money-making events are still being cancelled.


Goodbye 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 


Hello, 2021 Tokyo Olympics.


The cavalry will not be here by spring break. I know many of you are scared. Yet all hope is not lost. As Americans, we are nothing if not resilient and pioneering with indomitable resolve. I have been heartened to hear about all of the private industries changing their manufacturing plants to start producing everything from testing kits to hand sanitizer and respiratory masks. We will persevere and we will survive.


Now is the time for the planners. Now is the time for those who are willing to think outside of the box in order to execute their adaptive policies to fit in with our new reality. But how will we adjust in a legal market that has closed its courts? 


At Miles Mediation & Arbitration, we are trying to play chess with our new normal. With the courts closed to help slow and prevent the spread of this contagious virus, our legal system has been handcuffed to a certain extent but not completely. We are conducting virtual mediations.


We have undertaken to master the available technologies to adapt our superior customer-focused experience and client-oriented first class service to a virtual platform utilizing Zoom.  This app may be used on your laptop computer, smart phone, or electronic tablet.


We are hosting practice sessions for any clients who wish to learn with our mediators to help them feel comfortable with this new technology. The platform is rather intuitive and able to handle all of the concerns that are specific to in-person mediation. There is privacy and confidentiality when you are paired in the same virtual breakout room with your clients.


There are group sessions for all parties to make their opening presentations. Zoom has the ability to share your screen with the participants so that you can utilize TrialPad or present your PowerPoint for everyone in attendance. Additionally, each virtual mediation can host up to 200 parties.


Have a vitally important claims adjuster whose carrier has limited air travel during this time? No problem, we can patch them in, too. Have a client who is older and in the age group most susceptible to the virus?  No worries, we have them covered.


One thing we have yet to replicate, however, is the delicious lunch. And not to compound that disappointing revelation, but we are also unable to virtually recreate that sweet intoxicating smell of fresh cookies being baked during the afternoon push to get your case resolved. In order to help offset those intimate personal touches we love to provide with our in-person mediations, however, we are waiving all admin fees until May 1st, including all cancellation fees.


We are with you in this for the long haul, so we are willing to work with our colleagues, clients, and friends as we all get acclimated to our new normal. We pledge to focus our indefatigable spirit on continually working to adapt and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our business partners.


And we will all be better for having survived it together.


Relax with the comforting knowledge that Miles Mediation & Arbitration has you covered for all of your virtual ADR needs. You stay safe out there.