Webinar Recap: Preparing for the Post Covid-19 Legal Landscape

In this webinar, Miles Mediation & Arbitration neutrals Sally Akins, Roy Paul, and Christopher Smith team up with Sarah Lamar of HunterMacLean in Savannah to discuss key business and legal issues to consider in the future post-COVID-19, including tort issues, workers compensation and insurance issues.


View the full webinar here: 


This webinar covers:  

  • The process of reopening and getting back to business
    • Employer’s Issues with Reopening
    • Claims for COVID-19 illness against employer
  • National Business interruption claims arising from COVID-19
  • Local Business interruption claims arising from COVID-19 (hospitality, restaurants)
  • Force Majeure
  • Commercial Impracticability and Frustration of Purpose of GA Law


Miles Mediation & Arbitration is on the leading edge of virtual ADR. All of our neutrals have been trained to assist clients in keeping cases moving during this challenging period. 


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