Winter Wheeler Presents TEDx Talk on Mastering the Art of the Uncomfortable Conversation


Winter Wheeler is a former top civil litigator who has made her niche as an expert mediator. Winter is the creator of The Four Cornerstones of Mediation™, which is a methodology originally developed to maximize effective communication during mediation. Winter noticed that not only did the methodology aid in successful negotiations, it is also a blueprint for the enhancement of all human communication.


By following The Four Cornerstones of Mediation™ methodology, you can learn to have effective conversations with anyone, about anything, and in any area of your life. Winter is the co-author of the bestselling book, #Networked​​, which tells the story of how she developed a thriving mediation practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.


She also spends her free time volunteering in her community, enjoying her husband and four children, and traveling back to Miami, Florida, USA as much as possible where she was raised. She is especially passionate about changing the face of mediation and arbitration, by bringing compassion and listening to the forefront, and placing the litigator and emotions at the center of the conversation.



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