Education Division: Q&A with Tangela Richmond

This month we talk with Tangela Richmond, the director of education at Miles, about the newly launched Education Division.


Q: You’re the director of education here at Miles. Tell us about your role and what it involves. 

A: The Education Division is a new department within Miles ADR. My role involves working with Miles’ neutrals to develop continuing legal education seminars and training. Also, we partner with bar associations, law schools, law firms, and other legal organizations to prepare continuing legal education (CLE) seminars.


Q: What is the goal of the Education Division? 

A: Our goal is to improve the ADR process for all involved parties by educating attorneys and legal professionals about techniques that can be implemented at all stages of the ADR process.


Q: Are the CLE courses directed at any particular areas of law, or types of attorneys?

A: Our CLE courses are directed at civil litigators primarily. However, anyone who wants to learn more about ADR or improve his/her results during the ADR process would find our courses helpful.


Q: What types of course are offered now?

A: Currently, we have courses that are designed to improve mediation results which include presentations about current trends involving language barriers in mediation, mediating cases involving issues of fiduciary duty, best practices for utilization of experts in mediation, and trauma-informed mediation.


Q: What types of courses do you plan to offer?

A: We will offer courses that cover the general CLE requirements like professionalism and ethics. However, we are using the expertise of our Miles’ panel to also explore trending topics in ADR and the law. You will see all the Miles’ practice areas covered including construction, employment, business/commercial, insurance, medical malpractice, personal injury, professional liability, and real estate/property.


Q: What makes the education department different from other CLE courses that are available?

A: Our people make Miles’ Education Department different from other CLE sponsors.


ADR, like CLE, is about choice. People who take ADR seriously will investigate which neutral has the best background and experience to handle the case. The same applies to CLE. People who are serious about enhancing their skills or learning a new practice area will research CLE seminars to determine which ones will have an immediate impact on their practices. They don’t just go through the motions to complete the mandatory number of CLE hours required by their state bar.


I attended many CLE programs when I was CLE director for the Georgia State Bar and had the opportunity to hear a lot of feedback from attorneys. Attorneys were concerned about convenience, price/cost of seminars, and practical skills that can be implemented to create immediate impact in their practices. Our new Education Division addresses these concerns, providing reasonably priced online courses taught by experts that give lawyers skills they can use, and benefit from, right away.


We will also continue partnering with institutions and organizations including University of Georgia School of Law, Kennesaw State University’s Center for Conflict Management, and Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys, to provide CLE programs to the legal community.




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