Jack Krumbein Joins Jacksonville Panel of Miles Mediation & Arbitration

ATLANTA, GA, March 23, 2023  – Miles Mediation & Arbitration, the largest ADR provider in the Southeast, is pleased to announce that Jack A. Krumbein has joined its panel in Jacksonville, Florida.


Jack is a Florida Supreme Court Circuit Court Certified Mediator, attorney, and musician. He became a mediator after having success in mediation as an advocate and believes that jury trials are not always the best venue for obtaining the best result for a party because of the unpredictability of outcome, the expense required to complete a case, and the uncertainty of judicial rulings during the process.


His experience includes having worked at Citizens Property Insurance Corporation as a litigation specialist and Morgan & Morgan as a trial lawyer. Jack has experience with real estate disputes, commercial and residential leases, and both commercial and residential first-party property cases as well as premise liability, auto and trucking negligence cases from inception to trial.


Jack is excited about joining the Miles team. “Miles allows me to no longer be concerned with the logistics of mediating,” he explains. “I get to focus on mediating and playing a better game. It’s like being an athlete, joining a roster, and not having to be anything else but the player.”


Jack’s experience as lead counsel also includes a commercial class action involving counts of FDUTPA, common law misrepresentation, construction defect, toxic tort related to landfill closure, breach of contract, and defamation. He is also a former professional violinist who has blended his love for music with his legal practice, representing entertainment clients including high-profile music producers, arrangers, composers, singers, a DJ, and country music singers/songwriters.


View Jack’s bio and online scheduling calendar.



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